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Triangle Fly Fishers has a long history of protecting and restoring the water resources that surround our great state. From our blue ribbon trout streams down to the strong salt water fishery, Triangle Fly Fishers believes that through education we can protect the spectacular fishing opportunities that we enjoy today and pass them on for generations to come.

As our state continues to grow so do the challenges of keeping up with proper water management. Not only do these current issues impact our fishery, they also leave public health vulnerable as well. As we continue to advocate for modernized and economically feasible regulations, we also invite others interested in preserving our water systems to contact us, or to attend our monthly meetings to find out more. Thanks for your interest!

TFF and Trout Unlimited

Ned Jones is TFF's representative to the NC State Council of Trout Unlimited (

TU's mission is "to conserve, protect and restore North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds." Ned's mission is to represent TFF's interest in coldwater fisheries to NCTU. So, if something comes up that you want NCTU to know about, contact Ned.

Ned also is NCTU's eyes and ears in Raleigh. He monitors the activities of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC), the NC Legislature, and the Governor. While most issues are handled by the NCWRC, sometimes the legislature gets involved. Last session, the legislature passed a law making it a $500 fine to illegally harvest a trout from the DH streams. So if you hear of an issue that comes from the NCWRC or the legislature or other sources please let Ned know. The more eyes and ears we have looking and listening, the less likely an issue will get by us.

You can get in touch with Ned at, subject: cold water issues.

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